Catnip, Pros and Cons

Does your feline roam for days on end and come back to you thin as a twig? Scared that he/she may get into a fight? Maybe a catflap is not for your home. However, you are not completely at a loss. Let’s say you love your catflap, you want your kitty companion to have the opportunity to go in and out of the dwelling as often as they please. Continue reading to learn the positives and negatives of a simple yet dangerous solution.


First, let’s answer the question of ‘What the heck is catnip?’. Great question! We are glad you asked (big smile). Catnip is an herb that occurs naturally in Europe, parts of Asia, and Northern Africa. You can also buy catnip at Petco, Amazon, or any local herbal shop.


Next, what are the benefits of catnip. The good thing is, catnip is great for our feline friends and us. For cats, catnip is similar to the human pheromone. The strong aroma catnip exudes is what attracts cats the most. This is a great solution for those furry partners who cannot get enough adventure time outside of the house. Catnip is safe for cat consumption and you can even buy toys that are infused with catnip. For humans, if you choose to grow catnip yourself, you can brew the herb as a tea and experience calming affects, headache relief, anti-inflammatory benefits, and more.


Now consider these potentially harmful effects. While your cat won’t go crazy enough to scratch up your pool deck and patio, they can get very destructive. To make matters worse, your kitty doors are normally two-way, and other cats, particular strays, can make their way in and can be very difficult to remove. You may consider locking your catnip, and items infused with it, somewhere air tight that a curious cat cannot smell or get to it. Your cat may also begin to exhibit atypical behaviors and could even become more aggressive. This is due to the chemical effects catnip has on cats. We recommend giving your cat space after they have … Continue reading

How to Keep Your Cat Occupied

If your cat gets separation anxiety every time you leave the furry beast at home for hours while you’re at work or for attending a friend’s birthday party, the ultimate solution to this inconvenience is to keep your cat occupied by pampering them with toys and accessories. Here’s a list of some amazing recommendations that will engage your lonely kitten or cat and challenge its brain:

  1. Cat DVD or video:

If your cat becomes particularly hooked on to the nature channel while watching TV with you, then getting a DVD to entertain him or her is an excellent choice. Nowadays, there are a plethora of cat-specific videos available in the market that show mice, fish, birds and much more. Plenty to keep your feline friend entertained for hours on end.

  1. Furry mice:

Fake mice are easy to find at pet stores and are a cheaper option compared to other cat accessories. These are available in a wide variety of colors and some even make noise, making the cats strut around proudly, reveling in the glory of their victory by trapping their supposed ‘kill’ in the mouth.

  1. Play cubes:

Multiple play cubes can be joined together to make a fun playhouse for your kitty. You can keep on rotating these to change positions periodically and make a new kind of tunnel every time, giving your cat a new feeling of discovering her way around each time you do that. The cubes are very lightweight and foldable, making them easy to store.

  1. Feather wand:

I learned this one from a good friend of mine who runs a fence installation and repair company. Undeniably, there is something about cats and feathers! Feathers assuage ‘hunting instincts’ of the cats and you can keep them engaged with this for a constant period of time. Just attach a few real feathers to a handle, wave it around your cat and watch it jump joyously to grab it.

  1. Laser pointer:

Laser pointers can make your cat go crazy and scurrying around the house. The cats get extremely excited when they spot that tiny red dot and … Continue reading

How Many Cats Make You Crazy?

Many of us female cat owner’s largest fear is being labeled as a cat lady, a term increasingly becoming synonymous with owners who are unnaturally obsessed with cats to an extent that they let the felines take precedence over their normal life and surroundings. A cat lady is commonly characterized by a house swamped with cats, mostly spotted wearing cat-themed clothing such as a kitty embroidered sweater and having a layer of cat hair spread on everything in the house. But this extreme example is not the only case.

The criteria for earning the cat lady label comes from being single and having your home inhabited by TWO or more cats. This only fuels a fire to the general public notion that you have chosen cats over the traditional method of getting married and bearing children. So, why is the threshold number so low? What are the signs that you are slowly turning into a cat lady? Can your cats literally make you crazy? Let’s seek answers to all these questions one by one:

The telltale warning signs:

  • If you have completely stopped wearing the colors that once used to be your favorite, simply because your pet’s hair is blocking out the colors. Also, if everything in your house, from dining room rug to your kitchen table to the porch’s swing is covered in cat hair.
  • You find it extremely difficult to sleep if your cat(s) are not in bed with you and you tend to wake up even in the middle of the night feeling anxious if your cats are not nearby.
  • You evaluate potential dating interests based on their tolerance for your pet cats.
  • All your social media feeds of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook are overrun by pictures of your cats or quotes about cats.
  • Even if you are broke at the moment, you never miss a chance to hoard on the clothes that have paw prints or kitties printed on them.
  • At the supermarket, your cart doesn’t have enough space for grocery items as it is already overflowing with litter boxes and toys for your
Continue reading

How I Became a Cat Owner

When I tenderly asked Felix, if she wants me to write about how I met her, she nudged me with her tiny head and tapped on the keyboard with her paws. Hmm, so I guess that definitely means a big and bold YES in the kitty language! Every day when I ask her questions like, ‘’Do you want to go out kitty?”, ‘’Are you feeling cold?’’, ‘’Do you want your favorite wool of ball to play?’’, she gestures me in one or the other ways, to affirm or deny as she wishes. Over the course of the past year that Felix has been with me, I am proud to say that I have learned to understand what she means by her gestures and this is how we keep our conversations flowing. So, here’s our little story about how we made each other’s acquaintance and instantly developed a bond:

I was going through a difficult phase in my life. Maria, my best friend of 5 years had passed away in a terrible car accident and my grades in school were starting to suffer. I felt lonely and out of place and subsequent depression led me to spend a majority of my time locked in the bedroom, cut-off from the sunny outside world. Frustrated by my inability to fix the current situation, my mother took charge and scheduled a meeting with a renowned psychologist in our town. On our way back from the clinic, I was grumpily sitting in the car, looking out of the window when I noticed something resembling a small ball of fur curled up behind the leg of a bench outside. I don’t know what came over me, but I asked my mom to stop the car and immediately jumped out before she could put it in park. I bolted to the car and bent down to look into the tinted gray eyes of a scared and wounded kitten, barely a month or two old. Her left hind leg was bleeding and she seemed particularly frail as if she hadn’t eaten in a few days. Poor kitty, I … Continue reading